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County Kerry Bed

  • £1,63000

The County Kerry: For inspiration for this handsome super big bed, we’ve looked a little further afield, to rural Ireland.

With its Irish rustic charm, our craftsmen have a real soft spot for the traditional County Kerry bed. That’s not surprising, since it was one of our very first designs.

A luxury super big bed, the County Kerry’s enduring appeal goes far more than skin deep. Take the traditional square paneling, split barley twist turning and carved dog-tooth detailing – just three of the 200 individual components that go into this handsome handmade bed. In fact each of the County Kerry’s components is meticulously crafted by hand which, naturally, means over 200 quality checks before your bed leaves our workshops. No wonder we’re confident enough to offer a 21 day money-back promise!

Raised panels on the head and foot boards contribute to the stunning overall effect. Again, each is handmade and set into position in the time-honoured way. Our craftsmen also insist on solid mortise and tenon joints for a super-strong, super big bed. Add the optional suite of complementary furniture and you’ll have a bedroom that’s the height of sophistication.

The 3ft single is also available in antique mahogany and walnut.


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